Lazada, one of the leading e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia, has become a go-to destination for online shopping enthusiasts. With a vast array of products and attractive deals, Lazada offers convenience and savings to its users. Whether you are a seasoned Lazada shopper or new to the platform, here are ten essential tips and tricks to help you maximize your savings on the Lazada app.


  1. Explore Daily Deals and Flash Sales


Lazada frequently offers daily deals and flash sales on various products. These time-limited promotions can offer significant discounts on popular items. Keep an eye out for these deals, as they can be a great opportunity to snag your favorite products at discounted prices.


  1. Utilize Vouchers and Discount Codes


Vouchers and discount codes are a fantastic way to save even more on Lazada. You can find these promotional codes on Lazada’s website or through their social media channels. Apply the codes during checkout to enjoy extra savings on your purchases.


  1. Join Lazada’s Loyalty Programs


Lazada offers loyalty programs like Lazada Wallet and Lazada Plus, which provide exclusive benefits and rewards to members. With Lazada Wallet, you can enjoy cashback and discounts on purchases made through the e-wallet. Lazada Plus offers perks like free shipping and early access to sales events. Joining these loyalty programs can help you maximize your savings in the long run.


  1. Take Advantage of Bank Promotions


Keep an eye out for Lazada’s collaborations with various banks. During specific periods, you may find promotions where using certain bank credit/debit cards will grant you additional discounts or cashback. Check Lazada’s website or app for ongoing bank promotions.


  1. Shop During Sale Events


Lazada hosts massive sale events throughout the year, such as Lazada Birthday Sale, 11.11 Sale, and 12.12 Sale. During these events, you can expect jaw-dropping discounts and unbeatable deals on a wide range of products. Plan your shopping and take advantage of these mega sales to maximize your savings.


  1. Collect and Redeem LazCoins


LazCoins are loyalty points that you can earn by participating in Lazada activities, such as daily check-ins or writing reviews. These coins can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases. Accumulate LazCoins to enjoy additional savings on your next shopping spree.


  1. Sign Up for Newsletters and Notifications


Stay updated on Lazada’s latest promotions and offers by subscribing to their newsletters and turning on app notifications. You’ll be the first to know about flash sales, exclusive deals, and limited-time offers, giving you a competitive edge in grabbing the best deals.


  1. Use Price Comparison Tools


Before making a purchase, consider using price comparison tools or apps to ensure you’re getting the best deal on Lazada. Some tools automatically compare prices from other online stores, ensuring you get the most competitive price available.


  1. Participate in Games and Contests


Lazada occasionally hosts interactive games and contests on their app. Participating in these activities can earn you vouchers, coins, or even free products. Engaging with Lazada’s games and contests can add extra fun and savings to your shopping experience.


  1. Follow Lazada’s Social Media Channels


Lazada frequently posts exclusive deals and promotions on their social media channels. Follow Lazada on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay informed about the latest offers and discounts.


By applying these ten essential tips and tricks, you can become a savvy shopper on the Lazada app and enjoy significant savings on your purchases. Remember to explore daily deals and flash sales, utilize vouchers and discount codes, and join Lazada’s loyalty programs for exclusive benefits. Don’t forget to take advantage of bank promotions and shop during sale events to get the best deals.


Collect LazCoins and participate in games and contests to earn additional discounts and rewards. Stay informed about the latest offers by subscribing to newsletters and following Lazada’s social media channels. Utilize price comparison tools to ensure you’re getting the most competitive price available.


With a little planning and smart shopping, you can make the most out of Lazada’s offerings and stretch your budget to its fullest potential. Happy shopping and enjoy the incredible savings that await you on the Lazada app!


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