Along with the times, the application also developed rapidly as well as its security posture.

Because the world is increasingly complex, information is easily accessed by everyone, it is very necessary a more realistic and effective approach to protect user information, systems, and data on invasion and exploitation. The better your security posture, the safer your application – and vice versa. Here is information about how to prevent security threats in your application.

What is a security threat?

Security threats are suspected or unexpected violations that can have security impacts on your application. For example, there are people who are not responsible for hacking and gain access to your system through access control features, they can gain access to important information such as financial accounts, medical records, or other types of sensitive data. Other threats can pose a greater risk, such as attacks by outside entities into your network or natural disaster incidents.

In this case, it is not easy to ensure security on our devices, but there are a number of things that can be done to ensure our devices are in a safe condition by installing antivirus or protection software on your device page, as for the advantages of using security applications that are as follows :

– Prevent attacks on your network

– Prevent attacks that can damage your data

– Prevent attacks that your application might face








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