The software development industry is one of the most dynamic and competitive in the world. There are always new challenges that arise from the rapidly changing landscape of software development. It is also an exciting sector to be a part of. So, what could possibly contain Software Development Company (SDC) in the Top Ten? Well, it could be anything from affordable price point to outstanding customer service. But, what about the rest? While there are many great companies out there, we’ve selected ten that stand out among the rest. Let’s see why they have such a high ranking and how you can be a part of their success too. 10. Aspendio (US) 9.3 billion $USD annual revenue 9.3 billion $USD annual revenue With a strong track record, Aspendio has been successful in growing its business over time while maintaining cost-effectiveness and flexibility. A recent update added support for 16 different operating systems, which was able to drive adoption faster than any other company we have worked with. This company also provides an excellent product at a very competitive price point.


## Adobe Systems, Inc. 8.5 billion $USD annual revenue 8.5 billion $USD annual revenue With an excellent track record, Adobe has become a household name in the software development industry. They have produced amazing software for years and are synonymous with quality, dependability, and dependability. One of the reasons they are so successful is due to the support they provide to all their customers. They have a great way with providing great customer service and being there for you when you have questions or problems with your software. The company also provides quality software at a very competitive price point. ## Here is why they have such great rankings: ## Apple Incorporated 7.7 billion $USD annual revenue 7.7 billion $USD annual revenue With a strong track record, Apple has become one of the most successful software companies today. They have proven themselves over and over again by developing quality software that meets user expectations and delivering on time delivery for their customers. The company also provides quality software at a very competitive price point. ## With their culture change program, the company has shown that change does not have to be too drastic to be effective and its employees show it every day with their work ethic and dedication to excellence. ## Google Incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) 6 billion $USA 2016 year-to-date sales 6 billion $USA 2016 year-to-date sales AI Can Improve Software Development Even When There Are No Improvements Needed 5.1 billion $USA 2016 year-to-date sales 5 king strikes in 2018! ## Baidu Incorporating Machine Language Technology 3 billion $USA 2016 year-to-date sales 3 billion $USA 2016 year-to-date sales The highest ranked Company in America is Baidu, China’s third largest Internet company which also happens to be home to its largest organization

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