In the ever-expanding world of streaming platforms, exclusivity is a valuable currency. Viu, the popular streaming service with a global presence, has distinguished itself through its impressive lineup of Viu Originals. These exclusive shows not only set Viu apart but also offer viewers a unique and captivating entertainment experience. In this article, we’ll dive into the world of Viu Originals and explore what makes them stand out.


A Commitment to Originality:


Viu’s commitment to original content has been a game-changer in the streaming industry. Viu Originals are a collection of exclusive series and shows that are produced by the platform itself or in collaboration with other production houses. What sets these shows apart is their freshness, creativity, and the ability to cater to a diverse global audience.


Diverse Genres, One Destination:


One of the key strengths of Viu Originals is their ability to span across a wide range of genres. Whether you’re a fan of suspenseful crime dramas, heartwarming romantic comedies, intense thrillers, or thought-provoking documentaries, Viu has something for everyone. The diversity of genres ensures that Viu Originals can cater to a broad spectrum of tastes and preferences.


High Production Values:


Viu takes great pride in ensuring that its original productions meet the highest standards of quality. From top-notch cinematography to stellar acting performances, Viu Originals often rival traditional television and film productions. This commitment to excellence has garnered critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base for many Viu Originals.


Global Appeal:


Viu Originals are designed to have global appeal, transcending language and cultural barriers. While they may originate in one region, their universal themes and engaging storytelling make them accessible and enjoyable for viewers around the world. This global approach has helped Viu Originals reach a broad and diverse audience.


Regional Flavor:


Despite their global appeal, Viu Originals also retain the unique flavor and cultural nuances of the regions they represent. Whether it’s a South Korean drama, an Indian romance, or a Middle Eastern thriller, Viu Originals offer viewers a glimpse into the rich and vibrant tapestry of different cultures.


Exclusive Access:


One of the most significant advantages of Viu Originals is their exclusivity. These shows are only available on the Viu platform, making it a must-have destination for fans eager to access fresh and unique content. Viu subscribers get early access to these shows, often before they are available on other streaming platforms.




Viu Originals are not just a testament to Viu’s dedication to originality and quality but also a reflection of its commitment to providing a diverse and engaging entertainment experience. These exclusive shows have the power to transport viewers to different worlds, immerse them in gripping narratives, and introduce them to compelling characters.


Whether you’re an existing Viu subscriber or considering joining the platform, Viu Originals are a compelling reason to explore what Viu has to offer. With a growing library of exclusive content that continues to expand across genres and regions, Viu is at the forefront of delivering fresh, exciting, and exclusive entertainment to a global audience. Dive into the world of Viu Originals, and you might just discover your next favorite series.


In a world where content is king, Viu Originals reign supreme as the crown jewel of Viu’s streaming offerings. Their ability to seamlessly blend global appeal with regional flavors, combined with high production values and a diverse range of genres, makes them a captivating addition to the world of entertainment.


If you haven’t already explored Viu Originals, you’re missing out on a treasure trove of exclusive content that sets Viu apart from the competition. Whether you’re a fan of international dramas, a documentary enthusiast, or simply looking for fresh and engaging stories, Viu Originals are your passport to a world of entertainment.


As the streaming landscape continues to evolve, Viu remains at the forefront of delivering innovative and original content that keeps viewers coming back for more. So, why wait? Dive into the captivating world of Viu Originals and experience the magic of exclusive storytelling that’s designed to entertain, inspire, and leave you eagerly anticipating what’s next on Viu’s horizon.

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